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Partnering - Make the Connection


Become a Property Partner - Adopt a Property


Individuals or Groups can “Adopt” one or more of our properties and make a direct connection with those in need.


Functional Property Partner - You and/or your organization will perform routine maintenance of one or more properties and “look after” a unit for a period of time.  We’ll work with you on defining the specific maintenance needs for the property and you’ll provide the resources and meet those needs.   Generally, the work to be done is routine house and yard upkeep.


Tasks to be done with regularity:


  • Grass mowing

  • Edging

  • Shrub trimming

  • Pressure washing


Some tasks are required to be done infrequently:


  • Minor carpentry (handrails, outdoor steps, etc.)

  • Minor plumbing work (leaky faucet, leaky drain, etc.)

  • Minor electrical work (smoke detector replacement, wall switch/outlet replacement, etc.)

  • Drywall patching/replacement

  • Baseboard repair

  • Molding/trim repair or replacement

  • Interior and exterior painting.



Financial Property Partner – Individuals and organizations that would like to help but do not have the time or abilities necessary to perform physical property maintenance functions can partner financially.  Healing Properties then makes the connection with those in the area who can provide these services to the units for a fee.  These entities are hired when volunteers are either unavailable or unable to perform necessary tasks at the properties. Financial Property Partner contributions directly impact the properties and the organization as you are supporting property maintenance needs


Email us at MAIL if you or your organization are interested in becoming a Financial Property Partner by financially supporting all or part of the maintenance at one or more units.



We welcome a discussion with your group or company to provide one or more services for multiple properties.   Things such as grass mowing, tree removal or plumbing work from a volunteer organization or from a business (as a donation or at a reduced cost) would go a long way to assist with the heavy maintenance burden on Healing Properties. 

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